COVID-19 Policies:

Swift Fox Photography is taking every precaution to ensure your family's safety during the COVID pandemic. Only one session is scheduled per day.

Kristina wears a mask at all times and encourages all clients to wear one as well. The studio is sanitized and props are washed in between each session.

If Kristina or a client becomes compromised due to COVID-19, per CDC guidelines, a 10-day quarantine and negative COVID test are required to resume photo sessions. Please note, this could potentially delay photo sessions.



There's a limited time to capture your pregnancy!

We'll try to schedule your session between weeks 28-34 weeks in which you will have a nice rounded belly. Yay! Congrats and hope to chat soon!

A Couple Tips:

{more included in your client portal}


Hire a good makeup artist.It helps a great deal to get all glammed up. Why? Whether we admit it or not, makeup is a great confidence booster! It’s not just the make-up that’s important, it’s how the make-up makes you feel that also counts! We have a few in-house Makeup & Hairstylists to offer as well which is $150 an add-on service.


Flower crowns, tiaras, jewelry, scarves and more!


Moisturize arms, elbows, legs, knees and belly a few days leading up to the shoot. (Cocoa butter is always great for the belly anyway!)


Get a manicure or a light polish for a more finished look in a close up of your hands around your belly.